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Mr. Handyman is a top home improvement
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As your customers realize they can turn over all kinds
of repairs to Mr. Handyman and receive quality
results, you gain strong income potential.

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Mr. Handyman truly sets the standard in our industry. Our franchisees can trust our extensive training program, business management tools, and ongoing support systems.

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Home Repair Service Franchise

The Mr. Handyman Advantage

Mr. Handyman offers franchise opportunities to driven, self-motivated entrepreneurs who want to invest in themselves. The service industry is the largest segment of the largest economy in the world, with annual revenue of $1.5 trillion dollars. Consider becoming a business owner in a growing sector of the home service industry.

Mr. Handyman is the nationally-recognized industry leader in home improvements, repair and maintenance, making us a well-known and trusted brand. By partnering with us, you’d have access to a high level of brand recognition and consumer trust.

Why Begin a Franchise?

Business ownership is not only a proud American tradition, but it’s a key part of attaining financial independence. Most people are intimidated by the idea of starting a business, perhaps rightly so – beginning a business demands a great deal of investment in order to achieve name recognition for your business, embark on a trial-and-error process to build the systems that work best for your business, and market effectively. Even then, there’s a great deal of time required before widespread consumer trust can be established.


More than 100 million U.S. homeowners and commercial customers need help tackling their “to-do” lists. Mr. Handyman is the franchise leader capitalizing on the growing demand for reliable handyman services.

However, starting a franchise offers all the advantages and independence of running a business with none of these obstacles. If you start a Mr. Handyman franchise, you immediately benefit from 15 years of high-quality repair work, brand building, and customer satisfaction. Our thousand-van fleet is only one way that our brand achieves broad exposure. Our media appearances on Good Morning America, the Oprah Winfrey Show, Fox & Friends and the Discovery Channel have made us a nationally-validated name.